Hasta la vista, Baby

It is with great regret that we are announcing the sunset of Watch It Stream.

Thanks for popping up in our server logs to send us off. The sad truth is that Netflix decided to kill off the API that powered our Netflix streaming search results. While that may not seem like a deal-breaker, the sole purpose of Watch It Stream was to be a one stop shop for all of the movie and television streaming happening on the net. Without Netflix showing up in our listings, Watch It Stream is simply not the quality experience that meets our standards.

What about workarounds, funding or other solutions? While it would have been nice to blow a small nation's GDP on launch parties, kitten deliveries and team building events in Machu Pichu, we at Last Commit choose to bootstrap our web products. We truly enjoy the feeling of building something up from scrach, bit by bit. There's a lot of projects cooking, so rather than resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel (well, curling to get technical) for Netflix's data or doubling down on our investment without a way to make sure it pays off, we're going to move on to other things.

If you enjoyed using Watch It Stream and want to see what we're up to next, hit us up and say hello. You'll be hearing from us soon.

Thanks for the clicks,
The Last Commit Team